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Warren's Plumbing in Spring, Warren's Plumbing in Houston


Residential and Commercial Repairs and Remodeling

Leak repair in Spring, Leak Repair in Houston

Water Leak Repairs

A water leak can happen when and where you least expect it, causing damage to walls, flooring, ceilings, or to your favorite personal belongings.  Whether the leak is in the wall, the attic, or even under the slab, we can locate the problem and fix it right the first time.

Sewer repair in Spring, Sewer repair in Houston

Sewer Line Cleaning

Bathtub or sink draining slowly?  Dishwasher or washing machine backing up?  You need an expert professionally equipped to clear clogged lines and restore proper drainage.

Plumbing in Spring, Plumbing in Houston

Traditional Water Heaters

Is your water heater not doing its job?  Is it making rumbling or popping noises?  It might be time for a repair or replacement.  We will help identify the right solution and make sure you are satisfied.

Plumbing in Spring, Plumbing in Houston

Tankless Water Heaters

Did you know that your hot water heater is the second highest energy using appliance in your home?  These “tank” water heaters consume a lot of that energy keeping the water hot when you’re not using it, wasting hundreds of dollars each year. Fortunately, there is a better product available – tankless hot water heaters.  When it is time to make a change, our experts can retrofit your old tank heater with a new energy efficient tankless unit.


Many homes in the Houston area experience water pipe failures.  Most commonly these are failures are in the form of multiple pin holes that form in galvanized steel pipe.  Less frequently similar problems occur in inferior copper pipe.  If left unaddressed, resulting damage can be devastating.  Our skilled plumbers can handle total or partial repiping and will help you evaluate the most economical long term solution to fit your needs.

New Fixtures Installed​

Whether your faucet is leaking or you’re just looking for a fresh new look, we can help you find the right fixture to fit your style and budget.  Our plumbers are experts at replacing sinks, tubs, toilets, and shower valves with body sprays.  All work is performed in a neat and professional manner and always according to code.

New Appliances Installed​

Our experts can connect your ice maker or dishwasher, install a new garbage disposal, plumb in your new gas appliance, or even set you up with a reverse osmosis filtration system. Give us a call; we’ll get you hooked up in a flash.

Plumbing in Houston, Plumbing in Spring

If you have a running toilet, you most likely need some simple part replacements.  But if your toilet is old, stained, or loose, we can help with that too. There are many options and we will help you pick what fits your style and budget.

Toilet Repairs & Replacement

Faucet Repairs & Replacement

Most dripping faucets can be repaired with replacement parts, but when that just won’t do the trick, we can help you find the best replacement for your home.

Gas Leak Repair​

If you smell gas, need to move an appliance, or if you have code compliance issues, our licensed plumbers can help.  Our professionals can find those dangerous leaks, help with new  gas openings,  get your inspections approved,  and get that gas turned back on if you’ve been shut down.

Occupancy Code Compliance

Sewer Repair & Replacement

A broken down sewer line can mean big trouble for a home.  Damages can be extensive and costly.  Our experienced plumbers will identify your issues and provide you with the best possible solution.  You can count on us to fix it right the first time.

Tunneling & Reroute

Tunneling and rerouting sewer lines can be a costly and even dangerous endeavor.   Our experts can handle the excavation, piping and backfill professionally and efficiently.

If you’ve failed an inspection or just need to make some compliance related repairs and changes, we can help you.  We’ll complete the work and make sure anything related to our services will pass inspection.

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